2015 - present

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, USA

Master of Fine Arts, Art &Technology


Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, TR 

Bachelor of Architecture, Summa Cum Laude

      •Thesis Project: “Building With Technology: New Google Campus”



Gray Area Art & Technology, San Francisco, US | 

Educational Intern        

     • Assisted the education section with tasks that support Gray Area’s Educational offerings such as creative code workshops, 

physical computing classes and designing promotional materials, web updates and more.        

     • Worked on re-structuring the whole Education Department in an effort to create an open-source scaffolding for the 

community to adapt the model if needed.  


San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, US |

Teaching Assistant, CP-100-01: Contemporary Practice
     • Mentored students on individual projects, led discussion sessions and assisted professor on preparing the course material.

     • Taught a workshop on computational drawing.


AE Design Office, Istanbul, TR


     • Developed variations of computational façade details for construction documents of a residency project, required weekly

 meetings with fabrication team.
     • Led interior design team and conducted regular client meetings to discuss design changes.


Han Tumertekin ve Mimarlar Architectural Office, Istanbul, TR |     

Intern Architect         

     • Analyzed, interpreted and applied research data to the development of design project of a modern art gallery and research lab, Salt 

Galata, Istanbul.         

     • Crafted a site model using laser cutter and 3D printer.


Teget Architectural Office, Istanbul, TR |

Intern Architect
     • Commisioned by the Turkish Naval Force, I worked with an interdisciplinary group on a restoration project of the Istanbul

 National Naval Museum, originally established in 1897
     • Drafted various design drawings and made subsequent adjustments based on the on-going design research.


Cinici Architectural Office, Istanbul, TR |

Intern Architect        

     • Worked with a project group to refine schematic drawings of a school project.        

     • Drafted architectural drawings.


Fulbright Scholarship


SFAI Fulbright Fellowship


Istanbul Bilgi University Academic Achievement Scholarship


OSYM Scholarship


2016/12, ‘Morphogenesis’ Akbank Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey

2016/12, ‘Morphogenesis’  Envision Conference, Princeton, New Jersey, US
2016/11, ‘Recurrent’  CODAME Artificial Experiences, San Francisco, US
2016/11, ‘Morphogenesis’ – Mira Festival Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
2016/10, ‘Morphogenesis’ Audio Engineering Society International Convention, Los Angeles, US  

2016/10, ‘Morphogenesis’ Signal Light Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
2016/09, ‘Recurrent’ Diego Rivera Gallery, "Sub·se·quence" Group Show, San Francisco, US

2016/08, ‘Morphogenesis’  VRLA, Los Angeles , US
2016/06, ‘Morphogenesis’ Mira Festival Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2016/06, ‘Morphogenesis’  Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, US 

2016/06, ‘Morphogenesis’ IX Symposium, SAT, Montreal, CA

2016/05, ‘From Bits To Atoms’ R/SF, San Francisco, US
2016/04, ‘From Bits To Atoms’ Graduate Open Studios, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, US  

2015/11, ‘Morphogenesis’ SFAI Concentrate, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, US 

2014/03, ‘HBS’ – Torun, Ankara, TR
2011/10, ‘untitled’ – International Architecture Biennial Antalya, Antalya, TR